Preposterously Posh

Ryan Modafe

November 25, 2022

Lamborghini, known for their style, sleek design, and super prestige, develops high-performance cars meant for speed and finesse. However, it seems they have deviated from this route with the addition of the Lamborghini Urus to their catalog of mostly performance-oriented vehicles. Supercars like the Lamborghini Huracan, Aventador, and Murcielago are all classic staples of the Lamborghini name, being sporty, luxurious, and most importantly speedy with a low chassis and high-grip tires for maximum traction. Alas, the Lamborghini Urus coming in as Lamborghini’s first SUV design may be for the worse.

Some specs to start with:

Albeit the first sports utility vehicle in Lamborghini’s supercar space, these designs are still in their primordial phases and have a lot of room to grow. Even with this in mind, the price presents the first problem with this model. While the Lamborghini company always strives for prestige and style with its former models, the Urus does not live up to its name. The word Urus directly translates to bull, not very apparent in their design due to the awkward round slant connecting the front windows to the trunk on the body. For someone looking for a lavish ride from Lamborghini, look no further than the Huracan, with a much cheaper price range starting at $200,000, as well as offering multiple plug-in hybrid versions, allowing you to save the environment while riding in luxury. The Huracan represents what Lamborghini truly means, "Dream, inspire, lead, wait, last: see the future and write your history". 

There are many alternative luxury SUVs for more affordable prices while offering close to, if not the same value as the Urus. The G-Class SUV from Mercedes-Benz, with a starting price of $139,900, presents a vintage approach to modern-day SUVs while upholding beauty standards and not compromising functionality. With a ground clearance of 241.3, it offers much more tactility and maneuverability in harsh conditions, which SUVs are designed for. Whether driving through a swamp or navigating through rugged and rocky mountain ranges, the G-Class will have your back and support your endeavors. Conversely, the Urus cannot perform such actions in harsher terrains due to its low ground clearance and the risk of damaging such a valuable vehicle. 

The Urus' grandeur and associated brand name may compel drivers to consider purchasing such a vehicle. There are many other options to consider when purchasing a car. The Urus does not possess any unique or insurmountable qualities that other manufacturers have not created in the past and lacks functionality in being confined to the road's barriers. Many luxury SUV models aim for exploration, adventure, prominence, and distinction, Lamborghini has unfortunately missed the mark. Their Urus does not represent any of the power and elegance their bull defines and lacks purpose in the auto-space. It may amount to a great model in the future, but at the current stage, there's a long road ahead.