The Growing Cancer on Livelihood

Ryan Modafe

February 3, 2023

As a civilization, the human race has made tremendous accomplishments throughout its vast history. A basic example of such display of intelligence would be the creation of the wheel, a simple yet crucial design which paved the way for ajor advancements in farming techniques and transportation. A more modern example would be the implementation of science into our everyday lives. Studies and research keep us informed on topics we may not have known much about and acts as a baseline for our actions. Unfortunately, many are blinded by either their pure ignorance or the misinformation they abide by. As such, there are a myriad of grave problems plaguing today's society, many of which should be an obsolete problem of the past. One of the biggest issues we face today is the use of cigarettes and other tobacco products which completely deteriorate the health of those who use them. 

Cigarettes have held a prevalent place in society for a very long period of time. As far back as the 19th century when cigarettes made their first debut as a tool for a “gentleman’s amusement”, they were seen as a completely harmless device with no adverse effects whatsoever. They kickstarted the beginning of the lung cancer epidemic which still afflicts millions of Americans today and lead to killing millions. Unfortunately, tobacco was not seen as a source of concern for many including doctors, who did not feel that such a benign substance could inflict any harm upon people. In fact, many doctors advocated for smoking cigarettes and advertisements could be seen scattered around neighborhoods promoting the use of Camel cigars, a brand which exploded in popularity beginning in 1913. In fact, in tandem with their successful marketing campaign which exposed the company to the entire nation and a supply order filled by the government, only 7 years after the initial launch of the company they had sold over 20 billion cigarettes. An absolutely astounding number, which also could be linked to the sudden spike in lung cancer patients and fatalities that resulted during this period.

Many doctors were completely puzzled by this scenario and it did not help that doctors also denied cigars having any ties with lung cancer. Although it had been postulated a few times, there had been no concrete evidence to suggest any such connection and so it continued to fuel the cigarette market. But, every cigarette always flares to a point of dysfunctionality, and this domino fell for cigarette corporations when in the early 1940s and 1950s, studies and research were conducted which proved that cigarettes had negative effects on the human body. Tobacco companies did very well in trying to dispute this and left only a third of doctors in believing the harm cigarettes can cause. In 1964, indisputable evidence was released pertaining to the harm cigarettes caused, specifically their ties with lung cancer and bronchitis which could be denied no longer. This thankfully has led to a decline in use of cigarettes throughout America, compared to the shocking 90% of americans who used to use them. However, many today still do use cigarettes and don’t know the negative effects they can cause in almost every aspect of the body.

It is not right to insert toxic chemicals in one’s body and for tobacco companies to promote such an endeavor. A plethora of studies have shown the grave negative consequences like heart disease, lung cancer, and other chronic health issues which can severely impact quality of life. Every cigarette that is lit burns a part of your time left. At a certain point, none of it remains.