We Must Stand With the Constitution

Ryan Heshmati

December 9, 2022

In the HBO miniseries about Saddam Hussein's rise and fall, House of Saddam, the former dictator of Iraq, is attributed with proclaiming, "The law is anything I write on a piece of paper." American resolve in regular rules is of tantamount importance in an unstable economic, social, and, most importantly, political environment. The adherence to its law separates the United States from dictators like Saddam Hussein and their dangerous mentality. Recently, however, conspiracy theories attributing losses in elections to "stolen" races have achieved prominence and have been used to justify abhorrent acts against American institutions.

Factual investigations of such conspiracy theories yield nothing more than the exposition of disinformation, which sadly speaks to many Americans, despite widespread media debunking and condemnation. Less than two years ago, on January 6th, the structure best representative of our nation's laws and ideals was under siege. Such a crude and despicable disregard for the transition of power outlined in the Constitution was unquestionably a threat to our republic and the rule of law. However, today the wheels for more unrest appear to be in motion with the escalation of stakes in a recent post by Former President Trump.

The former president asserted, "A Massive Fraud of this type [referring to his view regarding the 2020 election] and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution." Such chilling language coming from a former president cannot go without scrutiny. Ironically, this comes from a member of the party proud of using the Constitution to defend positions against gun control. Beyond the deviation from traditional conservatism, the enabling of the destruction of the processes set out in the Constitution would bridge the gap between the United States and nations it, in the past, prided itself in "liberating" from tyrannical regimes.

History has no shortage of leaders who seized power and refused to be bound by any code other than their desires. Warnings must be carefully read into when the very fabric of the American republic is being encouraged to be dismantled and vacuumed of its authority. The most recent disinformation centers around an absurd perspective that the only just election is one in which that party's candidate wins, but that does not mean it will stop here. Americans require vigilance. It is the responsibility of every American to investigate facts and discard fictitious claims devised to fuel action detrimental to American sovereignty. The United States is no Iraq; nobody is capable of creating their own code or law as arbitrary as with its writing down on paper.