Examining Entertainment

Alan Cai

September 1, 2023

Children often grow up with the aspiration for being the next great actor or singer performing for wide global audiences under glowing spotlights. It is no surprise that the vast majority of them end up leaving their dreams for more realistic career goals. White and blue collar workers make up the backbone of the American economy. Toiling endlessly throughout the decades, services and industry have worked in tandem to create the most robust and prosperous state in world history. Throughout the ages of American success, one industry has continued to create zero tangible benefits for the American people yet sap hundreds of billions of dollars out of American pockets every year: the entertainment industry.

The moment entertainment evolved from wholesome local shows to massive multi-billion dollar large screen sensations marked the inflection point which utterly collapsed its core values. The purpose of acting and singing is to spread stories, invoke joy, and convey messages to assemblies eager to enjoy the lively knowledge brought to them. Today’s entertainment is different. Overdramatized films designed to exploit the deepest emotions of fear and sadness are churned out with breakneck efficiency to draw the maximum amount of attention and exhilaration out of viewers. Concerts and blockbusters circulate around the fame or notoriety of their stars rather than the content and quality of the story. Actors in particular rake in millions for their appearance and accentuation of their acting.

The connotation that entertainment brings happiness is an absolute hoax. Although filmmakers are quite adept at forging shows into emotional rollercoasters, moviegoers or concertgoers often exit their respective venues feeling as though alternative activities would have been a better use of their time. The root of all human happiness is derived from accomplishment and indulging in modern entertainment is quite contrary to this end. It is imperative that our society moves to flick this tiresome gnat of an industry off our backs.

The screenwriter’s strike of 2023 offers a unique opportunity to put the nail in the coffin for the industry. Reaching its four month mark with no end in sight, the blockage may sustain itself enough to mark a serious scar on the scandalous industry. Although artificial intelligence is appearing to be an increasingly fruitful alternative to human writers and actors the quality will be insufficient and the content will degrade the willingness of audiences to come out in droves to experience the spectacles. The era of actors, who live lavish lifestyles from doing close to nothing, will be over soon.