A giant in the Senate

Alan Cai

September 29, 2023

“Earlier this morning, we lost a giant in the Senate,” said Senate Majority Leader Charles “Chuck” Schumer. The late Senator Dianne Feinstein, who was arguably one of the most influential Americans in the modern era, passed away peacefully this morning.

Feinstein was nothing short of a trailblazer during her time in public service. She broke several glass ceilings during her decorated civil career and influenced the lives of countless Americans.

During her time in city office, Feinstein served as the first female president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. She held office during the double assassinations of Mayor George Moscone influential Supervisor and prominent civil rights advocate Harvey Milk. She later ascended to the office of mayor, the first woman in city history to attain that distinction.

As a senator, Feinstein championed women’s rights, LGBT rights, gun control, climate activism, and many other progressive issues. She was known for being a moderate Democrat while staunchly supporting the issues she believes in.

Throughout her long and distinguished senate tenure, the longest for any woman in American history, Feinstein faithfully served her home state of California and endured often vicious and vituperative opposition to ensure the fulfillment of her promise to her constituents.

Aside from her legislative accomplishments, Feinstein served as a hero for generations of females who looked up to her integrity in public service and resolute character.

Senator Schumer, in his opening remarks in the Senate chamber today, detailed her unique ability to stand up against chauvinists and colleagues who doubted her ability to succeed. He specifically referenced her affinity for succeeding despite stiff opposition on the basis of her gender.

Senators and Representatives from both sides of the aisle paid their respects and delivered heartfelt messages to the American people. President Biden, who worked alongside Feinstein during his tenure as United States Senator for Delaware, mentioned that Feinstein was a close friend and would be sorely missed.

The cause of Feinstein’s passing has yet to be revealed but it is likely she experienced natural causes. Feinstein, who was ninety years old at the time of death, had been suffering a severe case of shingles for months. Shingles is a disease caused by a reactivation of the chicken pox virus in the body, resulting in a rash. The Senator reportedly was suffering from Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a complication of shingles resulting in partial facial paralysis and potential hearing difficulties.

Feinstein was indeed a giant wherever she stepped. Her impact on America today is profound and she will undoubtedly leave a positive lasting legacy for generations to come.