MLB THE SHOW 22 Nintendo Switch Review

Samanyu Ram

May 13, 2022

Recently, I purchased the videogame, MLB The Show 22, on the Nintendo Switch. This game comes from a long line of MLB The Show games, dating back to 2006. Over the years, graphics, quality, animations, and overall feel of the game have improved greatly. This game was meant to only be played on the PlayStation consoles, but has since been added to Xbox, and most recently, the Nintendo Switch. Over the course of the past week, I have spent about 10 hours on the game, and here are my thoughts on it. 

I have played many hours of the show on both Xbox and PlayStation, and they are very different from the Switch. The most major difference is the framerate. On Xbox and PlayStation the framerate is around 60 FPS while on the Switch, it is 30. This may not seem like a big difference, however, it proves to be astronomical. The reaction time in this game is a matter of milliseconds and with the slightest change in timing, you could go from a homerun to an out. Another big problem the game suffers with is the joysticks on the Switch. I have used all three controllers and the Switch, by far, has the worst one, locking into place when it is directly in the middle. This poses as a huge disadvantage as it results in more challenging batting.  Additionally, while batting, the PCI that you move with your joystick in order to make good contact is very hard to control with the Switch, making hitting a nightmare.

After researching online, I have found some solutions to these problems.  The framerate issue can simply be solved by using a monitor.. I have a 165 Hertz monitor for my PC, which I hooked the Switch up to. I hooked the Switch up to the 165 Hertz monitor for my PC, providing a larger screen, allowing me to  time up the pitches better and see them out of the hand earlier. I would not recommend using a TV in place of a monitor because you need to be very close up to the screen in order to react well. To solve the controller issue, just buy an Xbox or PlayStation controller. The only downside is not only do you have to purchase the controller, but you also have to purchase an adapter that  allows the Xbox or PlayStation controller to pair with the Switch.

With the implementation of some of my recommendations, you may be able to become a better player overall in the show. First, get KontrolFreeks,  add-ons to the controller lengthen the joystick. This enables your PCI to move in a precise way,  hitting  the ball accurately. Second, approach each at-bat in the game as you would in a real-life situation. It is always good to have a plan before swinging the bat.  since having a plan will also make you more disciplined at the plate. Lastly, make sure to watch MLB games and pay close attention to the players. Buy players that are heating up in real life, and then sell them once their overall goes up. You have to play the player market like you would the stock market,paying close attention to every player's stats and how they are helping their team.

Overall, I had a slightly worse experience playing on the Nintendo Switch as opposed to PlayStation or Xbox. The game itself is still fantastic, no matter the console, and is a great way to spend your free time.