The Editorial Board

May 19, 2023

Over a year and hundreds of articles after the inception of the Brutus Journal, technology has shifted toward an untested reality. AI text-generation services, such as ChatGPT, pose a fundamental threat to the very purpose we held in the formation of this journal. Einstein observed, "Small is the number of them that see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts." There is no greater obstacle to individual sight and sentience than the allure of content on demand, precisely that which ChatGPT and other related sites offer. The Brutus Journal was formed to promote a new generation of writers in engaging in individual thought and articulating unique ideals.

It is our immutable commitment to our cherished readers to provide original thought-provoking content on this platform and to closely monitor submissions that fail to meet the Brutus Journal's high expectations of authenticity and factual accuracy. We will continue to act vigilantly to affirm this publication as a platform for free speech and human expression.